The New Studio is a Rotterdam-based brand focused on selling curated items.

Eva and Silvia both grew up in a creative and artistic environment. They studied in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the latter being a main source of inspiration for them because of the city’s raw, pure and hardworking energy.

In 2017, Eva founded ‘Vintage finds’, where she collected and sold second hand items. Silvia then joined in 2020, and The New Studio was born. The brand then evolved into a broader concept of a studio and shop. Passion-driven and adventure-oriented, Eva & Silvia aim to create a community of like-minded people, with the desire to be aware of the life these curated objects have had, and to continue they journey by creating new memories in them.

Over the years, their mission became increasingly clear: they see the world in a special way, and they strive to share this feeling with the people they reach.

“We see more people buying more consciously and thinking before buying something. The new generations are growing up buying second-hand quality, and we are grateful to be part of this movement.

We choose the items from out heart, because we would wear them ourselves. This makes the item unique, pure and exclusive, not only because there is only one of it, but because of the much higher quality of material being used from the past.

We are passionate about the time and effort we put into the process of gathering the right selection of clothing. We want to transmit what drives us, and hopefully in the near future, together with all other curators, we hope to normalize the fashion industry in this way."

Inspired by the people around them, old runway shows and magazines, The New Studio brings you a beautiful collection for the modern city (wo)man.

The combination of raw and edgy items with classic and comfortable pieces created an exciting collection that is regularly being updated. From pop-up to online to in-store, The New Studio is here to share their passion, inspiration, and ambition.

Our motivation is to always look for new possibilities to challenge and distinguish ourselves by doing things a different way. From the style of items we curate, to the what we present it, developing concept and visual identity around each collection.

Our goal with The New Studio is to create a new type of ‘brand’, where second items are presented in a high-end manner. The items we propose online and in store are meant to respond to each other.

We want to show our customers that it’s about experimenting and being creative with patching pieces, by combining branded and unbranded items to create your timeless look. There are so many beautiful things already existing in the world, we want to be mindful of that by giving these pieces a second chance.

The New Studio is also available for projects. These can include (personal) styling, online strategies, graphic design, content- and communication management, and more.

Please contact The New Studio for possibilities.